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This is the home of Geomago Software Magics, a producer of applications for the Apple iPhone™, iPod Touch and iPad Here are our applications:


Gioca a Burraco con altri giocatori in rete oppure contro il computer; partite a 2, 3 o 4 giocatori. Un premio settimanale per il giocatore che realizza la mano con il punteggio più alto

Pents for iPad 1.0

Now also on the iPad the only application that lets you to create the tables for the puzzle of the pentominoes. The game includes 48 prebuilt boards and a board editor. For more information look at the Pents for iPad User Guide ( Pents per iPad Guida Utente).

You can import directly into Pents for iPad the same boards of Pents for iPhone and iPod Touch.

JustSayClick Annoyed of looking for the camera button when taking a picture? Shoot your photos simply saying "Click".

Solitari con le carte italiane Gioca sul tuo iPhone e iPad a 12 divertenti solitari con carte italiane: Undici, Piramide, Trifoglio Irlandese, Osmosi, Moojub, Buche, Matrimoni, Domino, Strategia, Fisarmonica, Bidone. Puoi scegliere quattro tipi diversi di carte (napoletane, siciliane, piacentine, bergamasche). Spiegazione di tutti i giochi, possibilità di ritornare indietro un numero qualsiasi di mosse, suggerimenti intelligenti, possibilità di dare un voto ai giochi, salvataggio e ripristino automatico della partita interrotta.

36 Solitaires Play 36 different card solitaires on your iPod, iPhone or iPad: Agnes, Auld Long Syne, Baker's dozen, Canfield, Castle, Chameleon, Checkerboard, Deposit, Easthaven, Elevens, Fifteens, Flower Garden, Fortress, Four seasons, Irish trefoil, King Albert, Klondike, Old patience, Puss in the corner, Pyramid, Rainbow, Spiderette, Stalactites, Streets and alleys, Thirteens, Thumb and pouch, Westcliff, Whitehead, Will o' the Wisp, Yukon, Osmosis, Scorpion, Moojub, Holes, Golf, Marriages. Simple playing by touching and/or dragging cards; unlimited undo; built-in rule description and intelligent hints.

Pents 2.0

The ultimate puzzle; the goal of the game is to fill up a board with 12 "pentominoes" (see; the game includes 30 prebuilt boards and a terrific board editor that let you design any number of new boards. For more information look at the Pents User Guide ( Pents Guida Utente). Available in the App Store since June 17th, 2009. Import boards from this list directly into Pents.

SQL Reference 1.4.2 and SQL Reference for iPad 1.0

A must-have for any computer programmer, SQL Reference gives easy access to the official documentation of the most used SQL dialects (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLite and MSAccess). All documents are retrieved on demand from the producers' sites and then stored in a local cache so that no network access is needed for all subsequent accesses to the same pages. Look at the User's Guide for more information. Available in the App Store since July 14th, 2009.


Lets you transform a voice recording by applying multiple audio effects; available in the App Store since September 5th, 2008; the new version 2.0 is available since August 25th, 2015. (read more).


A new and original puzzle: you must compose a picture by moving all pieces in the right position using only the gravity. Availability in the App Store since August 24th, 2009. For more information, please have a look to the User's Guide.


A new puzzle game where you must build up a path between two end points, by exchanging, moving and rotating tiles on the game board. Please, read the PathBuilder User Guide for more information. Available in the App Store since May 19th, 2009.


A word game that tests your ability in reading under hard conditions, when the text is quickly moving around, or is garbaged or hidden (learn more).

Available in the App Store since September 18th, 2008. The new Lite version, for free, is available since July 11th, 2009.

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